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Repair decayed or damaged tooth with tooth fillings

Dental Filling is a treatment modality to restore missing tooth structure which could have been a result of decay or trauma. Decay makes tooth hollow. Dental Filling helps to fill this gap and protect it from further decay. A filling is also used to repair broken or cracked tooth and the teeth which wear off due to dental habits like teeth grinding, nail biting etc.


There are various signs and symptoms where fillings can be required. The symptoms could be as below:

If you come across any of the symptoms as mentioned above, then there is a chance that you need a filling. The final decision will be of your dentist after a thorough oral examination.

Type Of Teeth Filling

Dental Fillings are of various types. The type of filling to be used will depend upon the condition of decay and other factors such as a person being allergic to a material. The different type of fillings available are:

Metal Filling

This old age filling is long lasting. In this type, Silver Filling is comparatively inexpensive. But gold though expensive is a preferred choice. Because they can withstand chewing forces and last usually from 10-15 years.

Amalgam Filling

These are the most researched and widely used by dental professionals since quite long now. They are made of several metals combined and therefore, they have high strength.

Composite Filling

These are of the same color as your teeth. These are preferred if a person does not want their filing to be seen. It is recommended & suitable for front teeth. It bonds well with the tooth structure.also wear off with time.

Porcelain / Ceramic Filling

The porcelain filling is best suited if you have serious aesthetic concerns. These cover most part of the tooth, as a result, can be used if the decay is large enough. This long-lasting filling does not stain or wear off easily.

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If cared for properly, a typical filling will last 10-15 years before it needs to be replaced.
Normally, your tooth will remain sensitive to heat and cold for about 2 days after the filling. This pain is normally very mild. You should feel no pain and be back to normal in three days.
When the dentist discovers a cavity, he will deaden the area with an anesthetic. Once the entire area is numb, he gently scrapes away any bad enamel and uses a drill to get the rest. Then he cleans out the area to make sure it is free of bacteria. If the nerve is exposed, he will put a covering over it so it does not cause pain. The tooth is then filled and coated with a coloring agent that closest resembles your natural tooth color.

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